What can I do with my A.L.T Homeopathy certification?

With the 125 hour certification you can support families from the A To Z to live and feel healthier utilizing the natural and ancient healing potential of homeopathic quantum energy.

What credentials do I receive?

You receive a CiHOM –
Certified Homeopath

What can I do different with the 500 hour certification professional course?

With the 500 hours you will be more equipped to help individuals, and families to detox from toxins as well as have the additional training, practice and confidence to walk them step by them from symptoms from pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Once you complete your 500 hours you can get access to taking further professional courses through N.A.S.H and Free and Healthy Children as well as access for creating a wholesale account with the homeopathic apothecary.

What materials are required in addition to tuition?

We recommend a series of books for our curriculum, as well as homeopathic and flower essence remedies.

They range from $500 to $1000 on average.

What happens if I can not attend live classes?

The 125 hour course is set up as a home study course and a live training monthly practicum. We are able to make customized schedules so that you can attend the live practicums as that is where you will be tested for your skills, and be guided and mentored as needed.

What is unique about this homeopathy certification course?

Mommy homeopathy academy prides itself by being an accelerated training, a very close community of fellow students, advance students interns. graduate volunteers and teachers that are world renowned in their success and ability to make the complicated art of homeopathy simplified for the busy mom and busy professional! You will also be amazed to see our wide range of students from all parts of the world, various cultures, religions coming together with one common goal!
To be better and make the world a healthier and happier place.