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Mommy Homeopathy Course Options
Curious? Here are our most popular course options and upgrades.


STARTING@ $2,600

20 Hour Course

Back to basics homeopathy and flower essences


STARTING@ $7,200

125 Hour Training

Homeopathy certification


STARTING@ $12,000

500 hour Mentorship

Professional, Homeopathic practitioner Certification

Diamond Package

STARTING@ $18,000

Professional Academy

ALT leader Certification

Dr. Pam Middleton

Holistic Pediatrician


“I brought Tania into my holistic pediatric office in Orange Country, California. We worked together for a few years, and my pediatric moms were so happy with her. She truly had patience to work with them, and many went on to take her homeopathy course. She has become a really good friend of mine, and I highly recommend her services and courses."

Homeopath Expert Endorsement

Kate Birch

Free & Healthy Children


" I met Tania about a decade ago. She was one of our homeoprophylaxis supervisors. Since then she has opened up her own homeopathy school. I am able to take on her word when her students graduate from her 125 hour A.L.T Homeopathy course so they can then go on to take my Homeoprophylaxis course to become HP supervisors, as well as the Detox and Drainage certification.
I am very impressed with the students Tania has sent to our organization."

What Our Graduate Students Say

Elizabeth Ann

Holistic Health Coach


" I was introduced to Tania less than a year ago. I am a certified holistic health coach and have made it a point to learn about nutrition and different alternative modalities.
However, I knew very little to nothing about homeopathy. Taking just a few of Tania's classes really jumpstarted me into this new world. From there, I signed up for more. In just a short time, I've gained confidence and knowledge with flower essences and homeopathy. I've made meaningful connections with fellow students, and have been connected to others who need care, which both have provided me an opportunity to further develop and practice my education.
I have been able to help myself and my family. I recently began taking clients of my own, and have assisted multiple families and individuals through illness. I would never have been able to move forward this quickly elsewhere. For anyone looking to learn efficiently, and at an accelerated pace, I highly recommend investing in Tania's courses."

Homeopath Expert Endorsement




Tania empowers moms to take health in their own hands. You can spend an average $500 a month to a practitioner for life giving them the power to control your families wellbeing or invest in Tania’s trainings or certification program and get the tools you need to feel confident incorporating homeopathy into your day to day family life or professional health practice.

Having access to 24/7 concierge support, gave me the peace of mind that was the added benefit that made it all worth it.